As part of Cove’s modernisation program within its paintshop, the company has taken delivery of a new Vixen Phoswash machine to replace its previous solvent based degreasing plant. The new plant is so environmentally friendly that the investment has received funding support from the Carbon Trust Initiative.

The introduction of this technology increases the physical degreasing capacity whilst introducing the option of a phosphating process that enhances the corrosion resistance of steel and provides improved adhesion. Bigger, better and environmentally friendly!

You can find out more by visiting our Paint shop equipment page here

Cove has now completed the move of its painting facility into the Farnborough Headquarters. Previously the facility was based a few miles away in Sandhurst. By moving it to the space vacated by Cove Plastics all manufacturing and finishing functions are now under one roof meaning greater efficiency and faster turnaround.

In moving the paint plant the company has taken the opportunity to modernise and enhance various aspects of the painting, including the purchase of a new environmentally sealed dust free spray room with integral oven.

Since selling Cove Plastics in November 2008, Cove has had surplus office space at its Farnborough headquarters.  What better  use than to convert some of this space into a Gym for the staff.  In May the company converted what was a dingy stock room into a fully functioning Gym complete with air-conditioning and flat screen television.  The staff think it’s great and it saves them money and keeps them fit.