Facelift time with resident

gurnard_clockThe village clock in Gurnard, Isle of Wight, has been given a facelift thanks to one resident’s generosity.

The clock was in a state of disrepair and a notice asking for help to restore it was published in the parish magazine. Clock enthusiast, Gordon Day, 72, saw the advert and decided to help. Mr Day, chairman of Cove Industries, a Farnborough based company specialising in sheet metal, electronics and industrial painting, assessed the clock and offered to have his company repair it free of charge.

He said: “I’ve always been interested in clocks, and it was also an opportunity to put something back into the community.”

The project also received help from Blackwater based Reynolds and Read, which transported the clock to the Farnborough work shop at no cost. The work was carried out by Cove Industries’ apprentices, who will repaint the clock and replace the old mechanism with a new radio controlled version.

Mr Day said: “It’s a really good project for our apprentices, one will be doing the welding, another will be doing the wiring and a third will be painting and putting on the gold leaf.”